Christian Action. Season Of Love. 貓狗寵物街慈善餐袋

Christian Action 貓狗寵物街慈善餐袋Christian Action 貓狗寵物街慈善餐袋Christian Action 貓狗寵物街慈善餐袋

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基督教勵行會 ‧ Season Of Love ‧ 貓狗寵物街慈善餐袋

慈善寄賣 $100 購買基督教勵行會 ‧ Season Of Love ‧ 貓狗寵物街慈善餐袋(價值$100)


包裝 一件
售價 HK$100.00
產地 香港行貨
產品詳情 督教勵行會 Christian Aaction+ Season of Love餐袋
今年基督教勵行會再次跟Sony Creative Products Inc.合作,獲得TAMA and FRIENDS成為年度愛心大使。是次Season of Love慈善活動當中,以TAMA and FRIENDS製作了慈善餐袋,設計獨特精美,方便上班一族日常外出及工作之用。

Christian Action is continuously delighted to collaborate with Sony Creative Products Inc, and are again launching TAMA and FRIENDS as the charity Caring Ambassador this year. During the Season of Love Charity Drive 2019/20, we have designed an exquisite and simple TAMA and FRIENDS Charity Lunch Bag. The bag are helpful for carrying belongings when you are out and about.



尺寸:: 31cm(闊W) x 14cm(深D) x 21cm(高H)


Christian Action基督教勵行會
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Christian Action




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